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Your New User CP...
Please take a look at your User CP (Control Panel) and see what new options/features are available to you.

If you would prefer to view the forums in a language other than English, please let me know in the "Forum and Website Suggestions" forum. If available, I'll add it so you can set your preferences accordingly.

Feel free to comment on, or ask questions about, the new features available to you in your user control panel, here.
I've added 2 new required* multi-choice fields in your profile regarding your use and experience with DeltaCad.

I've filled in those fields, to the best of my knowledge, according to your posts, shared files and poll answers.
Please note that the poll will remain opened. However, the choices differ somewhat as there are more choices available in your profile than in the poll.

Please check your profile and edit as needed. Thanks.Smile

*These new fields are now required for all new users at registration.
Leaving them unanswered should not affect current members access.

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