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What's Your DeltaCad Specialty? (have your 'user title' changed)
Another new feature of the forums is to allow Moderators and Administrators to change your user title, which is shown below your name.

I've taken the liberty of changing cheez's and CLYDESDALE's titles to 'Macro Writer' already.

What's your DeltaCad specialty?
Examples: Macro Writer, Symbol Creator, Draftsman, Architect, Machinist, etc.
I design and build fine furniture as a hobby.
My specialty is the design of radio controlled model aircraft. I have been in Aircraft design as career and as a model builder. I try to encourage other modelers to use Delta Cad but today in the official Magazine of the governing body of the Academy Of Model Aeronautics , there was limited article for model's info on 2D design but it showed and used Auto Cad and a clone to explain how easy it is. Well, there's nothing easy with those programs. I do have problems lately and D-CAD support hasn't helped me at all. The first one is the program freezes, and the second is I have a collection of parts etc. on the screen and the XY coordinates are in the use range . I can manipulate the commands like mad all over the area, BUT , suddenly when I try to move a view or item, it shows an X or Y that would take the item out of the 150k max available range! . One day when I hit this problem, I just walked away! I came back much later and all functions were OK!---- that's spooky. Faulty program ?? Jesse Shepherd, Sr.
My specialty used to be industrial machine repair but seeing that I'm on disability, soon to be classified as retired, and no longer working I've mastered the art of being a
-Pain in the " "-. Just ask my wife. People are not shy about telling me what a -Pain in the " "- I am either. Frankly, I take great pride in being that way.

Honestly, who really has more fun than -Pain in the " "-s ?!?! So, if I'm gonna be labled... -Pain in the " "- workes for me! LOL

all smiles and giggles,
Bill (williamj)

Well, you can be a 'Pain in the " "' but still be a nice guy!


Can I suggest that you may like to give more detailed information on your DeltaCad problem and post in the 'Request Help' forum. It will perhaps be more visible there and someone may have encountered a similar problem. Personally, I'm a bit puzzled by '150k maximum available range'. In general I've found DeltaCad to be very stable but perhaps I've just been lucky!

> 'Normal' forum etiquette would be to contact the user first -isn`t it?
> This may indeed discourage user involvement, if it is so easy for administrators and moderators to so easily change someone's profile in this way - albeit for good intentions.

Clive - Very few changes have ever been made in this way and if they were ever to be made in the future would be immediately changed again at the member's request. My own 'Text Editor-Adviser' was bestowed on me as a leg-pull. I don't remember taking offence.

> This may be why this forum has so little user involvement at all and the majority of involvement is from administrators and moderators!

Clive - We welcome every contribution from members. Nothing would please us more than to receive more postings from members.

> I like Deltacad and I am thankful for this forum but I have to be honest here - if only to improve forum use, the forum is very heavily controlled by just one or two, these comments may offend but I am risking my own neck here and stating this fact.

Clive - No offence taken at all - very glad to hear your criticisms. That's the first time I've ever been put into the 'control freak' category in my life! The forum is here to help DeltaCad users, not to control anybody or anything. It is heavily controlled where intrusions like spam are concerned. One of your 'controllers' (I'm referring to our educator Chris) has widened everybody's knowledge of DeltaCad well beyond Midnight Software's own help files. Can't say I've ever noticed him controlling anybody.

> It could also be why Midnight are not keen to be involved more.

Clive - Midnight Software is a very private company which plays its cards very close to its chest - that's their prerogative and we must respect it. As a relatively recent newcomer I wasn't involved with the initial negotiations when the Forum was set up but I believe they were quite delicate. May I respectfully suggest that you may like to PM Chris 'The Boss' to learn more about this, which might help you when you set up your new forum.

> It seems a shame to me that there is on the one hand a great program -'Deltacad' and then on the other hand a great forum but the two don`t (or one of them doesn`t want to work with the other one) work together!
well admin/mods if you need to delete this post and remove me from the forum then go ahead -it will confirm my suspicions are probably true!
Actually what I think I`ll do is contact Midnight and ask them some frank questions about all of this and see if I can also start a Deltacad forum as I also have set up and ran forums before, I`m not suggesting that I would do a better job but I feel I know where you are going wrong here!

Clive - Please let us know how you get on - no names, no pack drill, no sour grapes at this end. We're all DeltaCad users!

I've have been, and still am, a memeber of several forums on different topics, I also have been a member of different chat groups on different IRC channels. I even had my own channel for a very short period of time. One thing all the various forums and chat channels had in common was that they all were ran according to the will and wishes of the forum or channel owner. That's niether good nor bad, just how it is.

I've also have had disagreements with "management" but have always subscribed to the fact that not all things go according to my likes or dislikes. All I know about this forum is that.. when I ask a queston I get an very valid answer. What more can someone wish for on a help forum?


pssst... John, thanks for the kind words but NOT SO LOUD! yer gonna ruin my reputation. (sheeeesh... some_people's_kids) LOL!
Wow! What the HELL did I do wrong?

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