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Default Template
Is there any way to set SIZE_A_L as a default sheet instead of DEFAULT? its not a big deal but it bugs me that i have to change it everytime i want to make a print.

Open Deltacad and select....

("right click" on the default page file, choose RENAME)
Now RENAME your default page file to DEFAULT2 (or whatever suits you)
Rename the "SIZE_A_L" page to DEFAULT.
Close everything
Start Deltacad
"SIZE_A_L" page should start up as your default page
Another goody for you.........

Your "title block" will always be centered in the screen when you start any of the template pages. If you do not like this, and you want to see the whole page just do this......

File/New (page should load with the title block in the middle)
View/All (page should be in full view)
Options/Drawing init. size and pos../set to current size and position
Now the page will load in FULL VIEW everytime it is opened.

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