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Macro to plot multiple X and Y coordinates?
I'd like to be able to paste multiple X & Y coordinates instead of doing it one at a time.
Could a macro be written for this?

What is your application or use for these coordinates? Plotting points would still require you to type in each x&y coordinate, no time saved! Maybe you are wanting a macro to list the coordinates of lines and arcs? Maybe you want something that will generate G&M code? If so, you can save your work in DXF format and convert it to G-code using free software called Ace Converter this is open-source software that creates toolpaths for cnc equipment. It does ok, but still needs a little editing after the code is generated.

Chris "i44troll"
I have a program that caculates end points based on input coordinates in cad.
It works using projection, and the output is a list of X& Y coordinates that I copy and paste on the DCAD screen and enter manualy.
What I,d like is a macro I can paste into so I can enter them all at once...
Maybe one of our macro writers can help you with this one when or if they come up for air. Macro writing is not among my list of can do's.

Chris "i44troll"

If one of them don't drop by or respond some time soon, I'll send them a 'heads-up' regarding your request.

Also, you may want to post a sample of the data that you would be pasting so that the Macro code can be written to correctly interpret the coordinate list as it would be pasted into a DeltaCad Macro input box.
Ok, the coordinates would be pasted from this format.
this is the layout formating, the list might include up to 20 setsof coordinates...
Would it be all coordinate sets in a single paste or separate pastes per each set?

I guess what I'm getting at is what the delimiter is, if any, between each coordinate set. (comma, space, separate pairs, return/new line)

1) like this -- 2.31,5.2,(comma)10.1,8.6,(comma)(paste)... --

2) or like this -- 2.31,5.2 (space)10.1,8.6 (space)(paste)... --

3) or like this -- 2.31,5.2(paste)10.1,8.6(paste)... --

4) or like this -- 2.31,5.2(new line)10.1,8.6(new line)(paste)... --

This will help the programmer determine how that data is to be input and how the data needs to be manipulated within the Macro program to separate each coordinate pairing.

NOTE: #3 above would be no different than pasting the coordinate pairs on the input line. All others would be pasting a single list of all coordinate pairs to be plotted.
It would be like number 4
X (comma) Y (new line) etc,
you'll copy and paste 9 to 20 lines at a time...
Thanks, sbucher, that should be very helpful.

I've sent a PM to our known Macro writer members. Hopefully one or both will drop by this weekend and let you know if it can be done or will submit your requested Macro for posting on our Macro Download Pages.

If the later, I'll post a 'heads-up' for you here after I have it posted up.

"CLYDESDALE" has come to the rescue....his response, via email, is as follows:

Quote:Hello, 1st Boss:
The subject macro is offered in response to the request by "SBUCHER". It
may not be of much help, since I couldn't find a way (within the limits of
the DC macro language) to directly use his coordinate format as input. He
might be able to have the program which creates the coordinate values write
them out in my input format. If not, he would need to manually re-format
the .TXT or .DAT file by deleting commas and hitting "Enter".

He has submitted a Macro file, which I've now made available on our Macro Download Pages, titled "Multi-Point Plotter". It's not exactly what you requested but, as explained by "CLYDESDALE" above, it's the best he could do with the limitations of the DeltaCad Macro system.

I hope this will be helpful to you, and possibly others, seeking a similar solution, as well.

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