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Threads for a screw or bolt or threaded rod
Need suggestion on drawing a threaded rod showing the size, pitch and number per inch of the threads, i.e. 1/4-20 coarse 2 inch machine screws or a 1/2" threaded rod. Thanks

for a step-by-step tutorial on this subject please see this thread. You can continue the discussion of this topic here since no discussion is allowed in the tutorial section.

Chris "i44troll"

Thanks for doing this tutorial. It was an enjoyable learning experience.

Thanks Randy! I appreciate your comments.

Chris "i44troll"

What I normally do is go into the Symbols and pick out a Bolt that has the size of threads I want to use. I'll then paste it somewhere on my drawing, then remove the bolt head and shoulder by deleting the lines. I can then copy and paste as many times as I need to get the length I need. Then just stack one on top of the other, and so on, then clean up the lines where they were joined. Sadly the Screws in the symbols don't show the actual threads like bolts do.

A good example for using actual threads.......I have to make some special adapters or bushings for a person. His drawing shows 1.2-13 external threads, and 3/8-16 internal threads. He made the drawing just using dotted lines for the internal threads and a callout. Doing it that way, it shows that there is a .062 wall thick. BUT.....once I laid out the actual threads, the .062 just changed to .016 wall between the minimum external, and the maximum internal threads.

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