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Electrical/Electronic Symbols
Inspired by <this thread> started by "Skubala"...

Obviuosly there are hundreds of "standard" Electrical & Electronic symbols used in electrical/electronic diagrams.

However, maybe we could make a group effort to create a couple of DeltaCad compatible .SYM files for use in electrical/electronic schematic drawings for posting on our .SYM Download Pages. (In addition to the base set of electrical/electronic symbols that are already included with DeltaCad, of course.)

-- I know there's quite a few downloadable symbol files for electrical/electronics drawings available for other CAD software packages, usually for a fee I might add, but I've seldom found any downloadable - 'ready-to-use' .SYM files of electrical/electronics component parts specifically created for use in DeltaCad drawings, though.
Excellent idea, Boss, but it would be a very time-consuming job and I wouldn't be able to volunteer at present, I'm afraid. Too much going on!


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