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Code of Conduct
Our goal is to ensure that our DCUG forums are a welcoming environments where people can come together and discuss DeltaCad related topics in a friendly and non-aggressive environment. The purpose of this code of conduct is to ensure that users can participate in the forums without being "flamed", personally attacked, harassed or be exposed to inappropriate materials.

We value the freedom of expression and open discussion on this site, and therefore provide the "Break Room" for non-DeltaCad chatter. We want all members to have an enjoyable and fun experience. With this in mind we have established the Code of Conduct to help us achieve that goal. Please assist us by ensuring your contributions are consistent with the Code of Conduct. In short, we aim to maintain our forums with appropriate standards of civil behavior and where members respect the rights of others. This Code of Conduct is subject to the discretion of my, "The Boss'", rules.

I appoint moderators to help me ensure that our forum content complies with my vision and goals of this website. That being to educate and assist fellow DeltaCad users as best as they can.

Your use of, and registration to this forum, confirms that you will abide by this Code of Conduct:

Repeated multiple posts in multiple forums WILL get you banned. Your IP address(es) will be reported!

Claiming something/anything retrieved from this website as 'your own' without giving credit to the original poster and/or providing a link to the original content (if available) may get you banned.

The general rule is JUST BEHAVE! --- Simple

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