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Advise me... Scale Projection

Is there a way of selecting a specific point on a drawing to scale either up or down to?

Here's my example, what I want to do is to scale the shape, using the base point at bottom left up to the top right point at the top of the line. The only option I'm given is to type in a scale factor, which is fine if you know the scale factor, but if you don't then the math has to be done.


Of course the math is simple, find the length of the line and divide it by the height of the shape, the answer is used as the scale factor to project the shape. But is there another way of doing this, maybe?

Scaled up!


That is the only way that I know of to scale an object in comparison to another object, and really, the most precise way.

Chris (i44troll)
Thanks Chris

After spending some time with this myself I was expecting the answer you gave, but I'm glad I asked - at least I know for sure.

.dc   Section AA side view.dc (Size: 31.09 KB / Downloads: 26)

Hi guys it's me Tony the old guy trying to learn this cad. my problem is my boss gets the prints from the vendors and I get the prints he gets that don't seem to have all the dimensions I need to put it together. That is why I picked this delta cad up it seemed easy compared to autodesk. Anyways the print I got it has a dimension of 8.560 but when I put it into delta cad and check the dimension I get 54.36? I have tried changing the scale I watched some videos on youtube but nothing I am doing works here is the dwg.

Hello Tony

All the given dimensions in the drawing appear to behave in the same way.

For example:
54.36/25.4 * 4 = 8.56
(1 inch = 25.4mm)

It looks as though the imported drawing is overriding the DeltaCad settings, and there's a scale of four there also. I haven't found a way of making it show the correct dimensions.

Chris (i44troll) is our scaling expert. Perhaps he'd be able to identify what's going on.

What we have here is a section of a drawing and not the whole drawing (hence the title: "Section AA side view) This drawing is ONLY a view of Section AA and does not contain the full part. When a drawing has a section that is set apart for viewing it will most often be magnified (scaled) for the purposes of clarity but maintain the previous dimensions even though the scale may have changed. The draftsman most likely didn't include additional notes on the scale because it was obvious that this section was scaled for viewing purposes only. No harm done.

Here is an example of a drawing of mine that uses the same magnification technique.

.dc   Pill Box 1.75 Dia.dc (Size: 18.58 KB / Downloads: 5)

Chris i44troll
Hi John & Chris this came to me as a pdf file and i used a free trial converted I down loaded to convert it to dxf.
So when I opened it in delta cad I ungrouped everything & this is what I ended up with.

Attached Files
.dc   15411R6.dc (Size: 90.69 KB / Downloads: 16)
Are you wanting to make changes to this drawing? If not, the pdf must look better than this.

.pdf   15411R6.pdf (Size: 71.83 KB / Downloads: 12)

I wanted to get my dimensions. Even my boss with over 25 years of autocad is having a difficult time with the scale. I try to upload the pdf but it won't let me.

Still, the only Post-machining operation to do are the four .391 holes. Everything else is for assembly. what are you doing to this that requires additional dimensioning? By the time it gets to this point in assembly the only thing left to machine are the four holes.


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