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Games in DeltaCad using the Macro feature?
Since the Macro feature is a form of the BASIC programing language, and I've done some BASIC programing myself, does anyone think a game could be created using the Macro feature of DeltaCad?

If possible, I think this would take DeltaCad into an entirely "outside the box" realm of typical CAD software.

This, of course, is not a request, per say. So even I, "The Boss", question whether this is the proper location for this topic on these forums. Rolleyes However, I would like any thoughts or opinions that any of you may have on this potential "exploit", for lack of a better word, of the Macro feature in DeltaCad.

Naturally, if anyone wants to play with this idea and would like to share what you've done, even if extremely simplistic, please share it on this web site. It would be interesting to see what can be done with the DeltaCad Macro feature, besides it's intended purpose of creating drawings from inputs given to the program (Macro).

A thought here, perhaps a maze navigation type game could be possible. Hmmm?

Concept: A maze would be drawn and then you'd have to work your way through it via inputs to the software which would draw your movement path. Again, this is not a request. But, could it be done, in theory?

That's a great idea Boss! Presently, I am NOT a programmer, but I've always had an interest in learning more about macros. When I get a chance, I play around with the DC macros and check out the code, etc. There is so much to learn! Currently, in my spare time, I'm studying PHP, MYSQL, CSS, website security....yada yada. It would be cool to see what people here can come up with. I know I would learn a lot more about it here!
Here is a simple macro that draws a short line in 8 different directions, could be used to navigate thru a maze or use as a Etch-A Sketch ®.

Sub Main
  Dim scale   As Double
  Dim vLeft   As Double
  Dim vBottom As Double
  Dim vRight  As Double
  Dim vTop    As Double
  Dim LastLine(1000,3)
  MV=.25                                   '<- Amount of X & Y movement
  DColor=0: LastL=1
  Xpos=0: Ypos=0: Xstart=0: Ystart=0
  dcSetLineParms DColor, dcSOLID, dcTHIN   '<- dcThin dcNormal dcThick dcHeavy
  dcCreateBox -11.5, -5, 11.5, 5           '<- Lower Left and Upper Right corners of Drawing Area
  dcGetViewScaleandRect scale, vLeft, vBottom, vRight, vTop
  dcSelectObjInBox vLeft, vBottom, vRight, vTop
  dcCreateCircle Xpos, Ypos, .05
     Begin Dialog Sketch 10,0, 95, 145, "DeltaCAD-A-Sketch", .Enable
        TextBox     7,70,40,15, .StringX
        TextBox    47,70,40,15, .StringY
        PushButton 18, 4,20,20,  "\",    .UpLeft
        PushButton 38, 4,20,20,  "/\",   .Up
        PushButton 58, 4,20,20,  "/",    .UpRight
        PushButton 18,24,20,20,  "<",    .Left
        PushButton 58,24,20,20,  ">",    .Right
        PushButton 18,44,20,20,  "/",    .DownLeft
        PushButton 38,44,20,20,  "\/",   .Down
        PushButton 58,44,20,20,  "\",    .DownRight
        PushButton 38,24,20,20,  "Color",.DCColor
        PushButton 23,90,50,15,  "Clear",.Clear
        PushButton 23,105,50,15, "Quit", .Quit
        PushButton 23,120,50,15, "Back", .Back
     End Dialog
  Dim Dlg1 As Sketch
  Dlg1.StringX = "X" + Str$(Xpos)
  Dlg1.StringY = "Y" + Str$(Ypos)
  B = Dialog( Dlg1 )
  If B=1 Or B=4 Or B=6  Then
     If Xpos>=vLeft+MV-.05 Then Xpos=Xpos-MV
  End If
  If B=3 Or B=5 Or B=8 Then
     If Xpos<=vRight-MV+.05 Then Xpos=Xpos+MV
  End If
  If B=1 Or B=2 Or B=3 Then
     If  Ypos<=vTop-MV+.05 Then Ypos=Ypos+MV
  End If
  If B=6 Or B=7 Or B=8 Then
     If Ypos>=vBottom+MV-.05 Then Ypos=Ypos-MV
  End If
  If B>0 And B<9 Then
     dcCreateLine Xstart, Ystart,Xpos, Ypos
     LastLine(LastL,1) = Xpos
     LastLine(LastL,2) = Ypos
     LastLine(LastL,3) = DColor
     LastL = LastL + 1
  End If
  If B=9 Then
     If DColor>14 Then DColor=0
     dcSetLineParms DColor, dcSOLID, dcTHIN
  End If
  If B=10 Then
     dcSelectObjInBox vLeft, vBottom, vRight, vTop
     Xpos=0: Ypos=0: Xstart=0: Ystart=0
     dcCreateCircle 0, 0, .05
     DColor=0: LastL=1
  End If
  If B=11 Then End
  If B=12 And LastL>1 Then
     Xpos=0: Ypos=0: Xstart=0: Ystart=0
     dcSelectObjInBox vLeft, vBottom, vRight, vTop
     dcCreateCircle 0, 0, .05
     For L=1 to LastL-1
        dcSetLineParms DColor, dcSOLID, dcTHIN
        dcCreateLine Xstart, Ystart,Xpos, Ypos
     Next L
  End If
  GoTo GetButton
End Sub
That's Great!

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