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placing drawings to scale on template sheets
I received this through Private Message from davidw

New to this site.....But i got myself in a time crunch.

I am trying to draw details of windows and cannot fit my drawing on a template sheet D 22x34
i open a sheet and draw at 3": 1
then i need to put it on a title block sheet and it will not fit..

What do i need to do to make the 2 sync up and fit the drawing? i have several to do

Thanks Davidw


I am not too knowledgeable in the scaling department maybe somebody else can answer his question.

Did you try using DeltaCad's "SIZE_D.DC" template using the File/New menu option?
It already has a title block.
Don't forget to select 3" = 1'

Also check out 
Drawing Scale - Explained
for more information

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